Inshore Fishing June 23, 2013 on Marlin Chaser

June 23, 2013 

Inshore fishing on Marlin Chaser

Michael (Mike) A Siemer, Owner of Marlin Chaser is in town for the week, and we went fishing today.

The ocean has been rough for a few weeks, which kept us inshore today, which is such a new experience for Mike.

We started the day fishing the inside of the reef and the different reef banks in front of Puntacana Resort. We landed several small Snappers, Jacks, Yellow Tails and Groupers.

Anders with a Grouper

Mike has always loved Snook fishing, which he has done a lot of in Florida, but he has never really landed a big Ocean Snook. We have told him about the Snook fishing here in Punta Cana, and he didn’t really believe us….. boy did we prove him wrong.

We got some small live bait, and started fishing. After about 10 min we hooked onto a BIG Snook.

Mike started fighting the Snook, and after about 5-10 min, the Snook made it into the shallow water by the rocks, and broke the line on one of the rocks.

After having seen the Snook, we estimate the Snook to be 30-40 pounds.

We continued fishing, and Pico (Captain of Marlin Chaser), hooked on to a NICE Jack, which he was fighting for several min.

At the same time as Pico is fighting this Jack on one side of the boat, Mike starts casting on the other side of the boat, and all of a sudden we hear the line screaming of his reel.

Snook on……

The battle begins, and the Snook is trying to get into the rocks where we lost the earlier fish. Mike, being the experienced fisherman he is, keeps fighting the fish, and steers it out of the rocks, and a few min later, the Snook is safely landed on the boat. A nice 10 pound Snook, who we will invite for dinner.

This was the culmination of a great inshore fishing day in Punta Cana.

I hope you enjoyed the pictures and the video’s.

To book your next fishing charter in the Dominican Republic, please contact:

Capt. Anders Bogebjerg

809 780 6575


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