Fishing Q&A with Anders Bogebjerg

Anders Bogebjerg, owner of Palmera Fishing, recently sat down and answered a few questions about fishing. Anders started fishing at the age of 4 and is today an avid fisherman. He rarely goes a week without fishing and usually heads out for some inshore fishing or deep sea fishing every chance he gets – with or without clients.

If you would like to ask him your own questions, feel free to contact us by filling out our contact form HERE or drop him a line at

Fishing in Punta Cana

Fishing in Punta Cana

Q: When is the best time for fishing in the Dominican Republic?

A: This all depends on what fish you are targeting. Most of the fish are here all year round, in smaller or larger numbers. Normally, April – July are the best months for white marlin. July – November is blue marlin season. Dorado and wahoo run all year but are greater in numbers from September – May. Barracudas and tuna run pretty much all year; depending on what side of the island you are fishing from.

The best season for inshore fishing is November – June and snook fishing is especially good from April – June. You can catch snappers, needlefish all year and yellow tales are abundant in November.

Q: When is the worst time for fishing in the Dominican Republic?

A: August tends to be a slow month. There are a lot of blue marlins, but no guarantee for catching them!

Q: Where is the best place for fishing in the Dominican Republic?

A: Generally, the fishing around the Dominican Republic is great and the ocean is loaded with fish. It all depends on what you are fishing for, which might make some areas better than others.

Q: What is your favorite fish to catch?

A: I love catching dorado (mahi-mahi). It is a fun fighting fish to catch and you find a school of them, you may easily catch 20 – 50 fish. Of course, the big blue marlin is every fisherman’s dream (including mine) and there are a lot of them around the Dominican Republic.

Q: Are there any spots in the ocean where you have a better chance of catching fish? 

A: All underwater structures create natural habitats for the fish and are great places to find and catch them. There are also several fishing stations in the ocean that attract a lot of fish and that we usually pass by.

Tarpon fishing in Punta Cana

Tarpon fishing in Punta Cana

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