Q&A – Blue Marlin

Fishing in the Dominican Republic

Fishing in the Dominican Republic

Bait and equipment:

For deep sea fishing, most of the boats would normally use either Penn International or Shimano equipment. For catching Blue Marlins, they use mainly big hardhead lures, or dead bait (Ballyhoo) either with a skirt or naked.

For inshore fishing you would do casting with jig heads and gulp. However, you can also use live bait or small rapalas.

Catch and release:

“Catch and release” must always be practiced when fishing Marlins – as long as they are in good condition when they come to the boat. Marlins are a very targeted species, and to maintain the fishing around the Dominican Republic, the ones that are caught will be released. Marlins are the only fish that must be released.

How big are the Marlins?

The biggest one that I have heard of, was a 922 pound Blue Marlin that was caught off the coast of Punta Cana here in the Dominican Republic. It was caught on a Penn International 70W reel dragging a hardhead blue lure.

How far from the shore?

For deep sea fishing, we can start fishing about 2 miles from the shore, as the ocean gets deep very quickly. Usually, however, we would run between 5 and 30 miles from the shore throughout a fishing trip.

Inshore fishing is done on the inside of the reef; i.e. between 2 to 500 yards from the beach or shore.

What’s the best time of day?

Both for inshore deep sea fishing, fish bite all day BUT Marlins tend to be most active between 10 am and 3 pm. Apart from that, the best time of the day really depends on the person going fishing and whether he/she is a morning person or not.


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