I started fishing when I was about 4 years old. As a kid growing up in Denmark, fishing was pretty much reserved for the spring/summer months of April to October. As a young boy, I would go fishing with my dad and I spent quite a few summer vacations traveling around Denmark with my parents where fishing was a big item on our agenda. We would go where the fishing was good and stay at inns that were close to a lake, a creek, or a bog.

My dad and I were mad fishermen and could easily spend every day, all day fishing. My mom would always try to sneak in other activities of a more cultural value (e.g. visits to museums), much to my discontent. One time while on a fishing vacation, she demanded that we all go visit “Hjerl-Hede”, an open-air museum for cultural history, and not knowing what the place was, I asked my mom “so, what can you catch there?”

When I was 7 years old, my dad and I entered a local fishing tournament. We were fishing in and around a bog, and my dad and a friend had sailed out in a rowboat while I stayed onshore. I was certain that there would be “a really big one” hiding in the reeds. I was right. I caught my biggest fish (at that time) – a 6.6 kilo (around 15 lb), 103 centimeter Pike that was almost as long as I was tall…and I won the tournament!

Palmera Fishing Dominican Republic

Over the years my dad and I have gone fishing in different parts of the world. One of my biggest dreams have always been to go salmon fishing. When I was 9 years old, my dad won a fishing tournament, where the first prize was a 1 week stay at the best salmon river in Orkla, Norway.  We spent 1 week at Orkla, fishing from sunrise to sunset every day without catching anything. We tried everything, but that year the water level in the river was low, so the salmon stayed in the ocean and did not migrate up the river as they normally do.

After this huge disappointment, my father booked a trip for the following year to Ireland to fish salmon there…. Once again the bad luck followed us. We hooked unto one nice salmon, which we were fighting for 30 min before it broke the line. Once again, we went home empty handed.

When I turned 12 years old, I more or less gave up fishing when I started playing golf and golf became my entire life. For many years, I chased the dream of one day living the life of a professional, PGA golfer. I had a successful run as an amateur, but not quite as a pro. In the spring of 2005, I bought Palmera Travel, (a tour operator) with my girlfriend (now wife) and moved to Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic. I was still playing golf for the first many years, but recently I have gone back to fishing again.

In 2016 I bought a small boat, The Hooker, and I am the Captain of that boat for inshore fishing trips. For all other boats on this page, I act solely as a booking agent.

When I was younger, I would rush to the golf course whenever I got the opportunity. Now, I rush to the ocean to fish either inshore or off-shore (deep sea). I have caught some big fish over the past years in the warm waters around the Dominican Republic.

Palmera Fishing Dominican Republic

My biggest catches include:
Blue Marlin – 450lb (204kg) – see this video at 4:25 min
White Marlin – 135lb (65kg)
Sail Fish – 122lb (60kg)
Nurse Shark – 120lb (58kg)
Wahoo – 60lb (29kg)
Mahi Mahi / Dolphin / Dorado – 52lb (25kg)
Snook – 28lb (13kg)
Baracuda – 26lb (12,5kg)
Jack Crevalle – 16lb (7,5kg)
Mutton Snapper – 17lb (8kg)

Outside the Dominican Republic I have also landed some BIG fish.
Pike – 23lb (10,5kg)
Pike (when I was 7 years old) – 15lb (6,6kg)
Perch – 3lb (1,3kg)

I still dream of catching salmon someday, somewhere. Here in the Dominican Republic, though, I always dream of catching that REALLY BIG BLUE MARLIN.

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